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The Best time of year to visit the Lakes

Pros and cons of the Lake District Seasons

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Well, the short answer is obviously ‘Any time of year!’, but we’d like to give you a lot more in-depth insight than that! The Lake District is beautiful any time of year, but if you’re looking to book a hotel in Keswick, or a hotel in Grasmere for instance; what are the pros and cons during each season? Let us break it down for you:

Spring in the Lakes

Good things about Spring in the Lake District

New life! The spring is a wondrous time in the Lake District. Watch the new baby lambs scampering in the fields; see the swathes of daffodils coating every roadside bank and window-box; enjoy the occasional ray of sunshine, hitting the fells and creating amazing visuals. Fresh local vegetables become more abundant in Lake District restaurants and Cumbrian markets are awash with colour and life after a long Winter. Roads are still relatively quiet in early Spring, and hotels in the Lake District are easier to book (unless it’s a Bank Holiday, or Easter break of course!)

Bad things about Spring in the Lake District

To some, the rain can be an issue. Spring in the Lakes is notorious for its relentless rainy days but like anywhere, this varies year on year and there is so much to explore in the Lakes on a rainy day, that the quieter Spring days are definitely worth the risk!

lambs and sheep in the lake district in the Spring

Summer in the Lakes

Good things about Summer in the Lake District

Summer in the Lake District is a magical, happy time! Enjoy the longer, dryer days to be spent conquering Mountains or licking Ice-creams by the Lake. The Lake District is brimming with deep swimming holes and wild camping spots; collect Wild Garlic in early Summer and berries in the later months. Markets in Cumbria are in full swing; enjoy live music, Summer produce and endless days outdoors!

Bad things about Summer in the Lake District

Everyone else is here! If peace and quiet is your thing, and you like to be in the mountains on your own, then Summer in some of the busier Lake District towns and villages may not be for you. Every year, swathes of tourists hit the Lake District in the Summer- even more-so since the Lake District National Park became a UNESCO site. Of course, there are still hidden places to explore and it doesn’t take long to find yourself far from the maddening crowd- out on the fells and enjoying the sunshine and birdsong.

Summer Market day in Keswick

Autumn in the Lakes (Fall in the Lake District)

Good things about Autumn in the Lake District

Oh, the colours! Watch the leaves turn red, to match the squirrels; cows, and the deer! Enjoy peaceful walks on the fells, and cosy roaring fires in the Lakeland pubs and restaurants. Shop for new cold-weather hiking gear in all of the Lake District outdoor shops and visit the many theatres and bijou cinemas dotted around the Lakes villages on the rainy days!

Bad things about Autumn in the Lake District

Well, it’s that pesky rain again! There’s a very good reason the Lake District has so many lakes! The dramatic Autumnal weather and colours however, makes for some spectacular landscape photography if you catch it on the right day!

A red squirrel in the Lake District

Winter in the Lakes

Good things about Winter in the Lake District

Well, you might not believe this- but it often stops raining! January and February in the Lakes can be extraordinarily dry. Of course, there is ice and snow to contend with, but the mountain-tops awash with white are quite a fantastic sight! Grab your crampons and head for the hills, because this is the walkers favourite time of year in the Lake District. It’s quiet; its spectacular, and every pub ever visited has a roaring fire, a hot pudding and a steaming mug of mulled wine waiting for your arrival!

Bad things about Winter in the Lake District

Like most of the UK in the Winter, It’s cold and icy. But we don’t let that get us down in the Lake District, we just get the jumpers and the sleds out! Like most of the country, road closers can sometimes be an issue when the weather really turns vicious- so it’s important to book travel insurance if you’re planning on booking a hotel in Keswick, or anywhere else in the Lakes in the Winter time.

Winter in Borrowdale in the Lake District