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Red Squirrel spotting in the Lakes

The best places to sight an illusive Red!

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If you’re one of the lucky ones, you may have spotted red squirrels in the Lake District before. If you’ve yet to discover the joy of watching one of those cheeky, flighty little red guys- well, you’re in for a treat! So, head out to some of our favourite spots, take some binoculars and some patience, and you too may join the Red Squirrel watchers brigade!

The Red squirrel population is under direct threat from the introduced grey species, meaning that there are only very few places in the UK to see them. Find out more here.

Here are a few of our suggestions:


If you’re driving along the Lake, take extra care and be watchful for the little guys trying to cross the road. Thirlmere is well known for it’s red squirrel population and is considered part of the red squirrel conservation area. Sit along the shore, or in Dale Head Hall’s garden area and enjoy a spectacular display from Mother Nature- hopefully including a few of the illusive Red Squirrels that populate the area.

thirlmere lakeside


Also very well known for its high Red population, it is not uncommon to see a red squirrel quite close to the village centre in Grasmere. The National trust provide lawn feeders, which encourage a healthy population there, so sit back with a cup of tea and a pair of binoculars and your sure to see something of interest.


Borrowdale has its very own volunteer Squirrel Ranger, who helps to maintain the Red population, so there are lots of places along the 7 mile stretch of valley to spot red squirrels. Head into the woods surrounding the Bowder stone to see a whole host of wildlife, including whole families of wild deer, if you’re lucky!

red squirrel running

As with any type of nature spotting, it’s almost always down to luck when you’re out in the wild. So, be patient, be as quiet as possible and most importantly, just have fun regardless.