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7 Best Places In The Lake District To Get Kids Interested In History

Discover the history of Cumbria and the Lakes on your next visit

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It’s not all about Beatrix Potter and Steam Trains- The Lake District has a rich, varied and ancient history, dating back thousands of years. It's amazing to walk in the footsteps of people who lived and worked in the Lakes before us, and who shaped the landscape and culture we all know and love.

Cumbria is a fabulous place to teach children about British History; being full of fascinating and fun places to ignite their imaginations, and yours!

Our Top 7 Favourite Historical Places To Take The Kids In The Lake District:

  • Castlerigg Stone Circle, Keswick

We’ve covered Castlerigg a few times in this blog’s history, being that it’s one of the closest historical landmarks to Dale Head Hall Lakeside Hoteland an all-time favourite for Summer visits. Constructed around 3000 BC, it’s thought to be one of the oldest stone circles in Britain. Read more about Castlerigg Stone Circle.

  • Long Meg and Her Daughters, Penrith

Long Meg is thought to be the third largest stone circle in Britain. Long Meg is a red, 12 foot tall sandstone pillar, and is the tallest of a total of 59 stones on the site. Only 27 still remain upright. The legend behind the name Long Meg is that she and her daughters were witches; turned to stone for dancing on the Sabbeth. When viewed from the centre of the circle, Long Meg aligns with the midwinter sunset. On the inside edge of Long Meg there are a series of rock carvings, mainly consisting of circles.

  • Hadrian’s Wall

As most of us already know, Hadrian’s Wall stretches the length of Britain; marking the old border between Scotland and England. One of the longest stretches of intact wall sits in what is now Cumbria, Although just north of the Lake District itself, it’s only a sort drive and well worth a visit to this iconic World Heritage.

The wall was again built during the rule of the Roman Emperor Hadrian, nearly 2000 years ago. English Heritage manage the majority of sites along the wall and have plenty of information online for visitors.

If you’re in the North Lakes, don’t miss the opportunity to visit Birdoswald Roman Fort in Brampton, where you can explore the remains of the fort; as well as the engaging exhibitions, and a tearoom full of tasty treats.

hadrian's wall runs through Cumbria
  • Ambleside Roman Fort

Dating from the 2nd Century, the remains of Ambleside Roman Fort sits, reflecting on the shore of Lake Windermere. It is believed to have been built under Hadrian's rule to act as a supply base along the Roman road to Broughton.

At the other end of Lake Windermere you can go and discover Stott Park Bobbin Mill, and really make an exciting, historical day of it!

  • Stott Park Bobbin Mill

Sitting on the shore of Lake Windermere, Stott Park is a working mill, which in its time has produced millions of wooden bobbins, to supply the once booming Lancashire spinning and weaving industries. It is the only working bobbin mill left in the Lake District today. Visitors can enjoy interactive tours and exhibitions which bring the past to life; as well as fancy-dress for the kids, and the chance to watch real bobbins being made.

  • Force Crag Mine, Braithwaite

You can walk the gentle gradient to Force Crag Mine, from just outside Braithwaite village. For more than 200 years men worked, mining in this isolated and beautiful but harsh and treacherous spot.

Managed by The National Trust, the Force Crag Mine processing mill is open to the public on certain advertised days, giving you a fantastic insight into 200 years of mining history.

This is one of our recent discoveries and we can’t get enough of this fantastic little Viking settlement near Carlisle. With blacksmithing demonstrations and ancient cooking classes on offer, as well as live folk music in the longhouse some weekends, it’s a fantastic and fun way to teach the kids about Cumbria’s Viking history. Moorforge is still in its initial stages, so you need to book in advance from their website- This is certainly one to keep an eye on for your next visit.

Moorforge Viking Settlement, Viking helmets on the grass