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On the trail of Beatrix Potter

The best Beatrix Potter places to visit in the Lake District

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Are you a Beatrix Potter fan? Who isn’t right? Well, you’ve come to the right place! The Lake District was Beatrix Potter’s home and biggest inspiration for much of her life. Beatrix Potter did some amazing things in her lifetime, both for the local Lake District communities she lived in, and for generations of children all over the world. She is still remembered and much celebrated today, and a visit to the Lake District is not complete without a pilgrimage to one of the many Beatrix Potter attractions to be found here.

A Few facts about Beatrix Potter

  • Beatrix Potter was born in London in 1866, and was actually christened Helen Beatrix Potter.
  • Peter Rabbit was based on Beatrix Potter’s own Rabbit ‘Benjamin Bouncer’
  • She was a key player in re-introducing the Herdwick Sheep to the Lake District
  • She was the first female president of The Herdwick Sheepbreeders’ Association
  • Beatrix Potter was a great supporter of the National Trust and their work
  • She was a big  donator to the Girl Scouts, and let them camp on her farmland every year

The best Beatrix Potter places to visit

Hill Top House, Near Sawrey (National Trust)

Beatrix Potter bought Hill top as her first Lake District residence in 1905, with the proceeds from her first books. Bequeathed to the National Trust on her death, Beatrix Potter made them promise to keep it exactly how it was, furniture and all- a visit today is like step back in time.

The World of Beatrix Potter, Bowness on Windermere

A themed Beatrix Potter attraction in the heart of Bowness. Including gardens; interactive displays; sights and sounds of the countryside, and a gift shop, the Word of Beatrix Potter is a great day out for the kids as well as the adults.

The Beatrix Potter Gallery, Hawkshead

A National Trust property with connections to Beatrix Potter, once being the site of her solicitor husband’s office. The Gallery today host annual exhibitions- the most recent being “The Right Sort of Woman”, celebrating her position as a strong and influential woman in the Cumbrian community. As well as a collection of her works and belongings, the gallery often hosts book readings and other events.

Wray Castle, Windermere

Discover Wray Castle, standing tall on the shores of Lake Windermere. This National Trust Property is home to the Peter Rabbit Adventure, a fantastic day out for families with young children. Beatrix Potter spent family holidays at Wray Castle when she was a teen, and her legacy lives on through the interactive Peter Rabbit Adventure.

The Armitt Museum, Ambleside

In 1934 Beatrix Potter gifted many of her natural illustrations to the Armitt museum, having been a member since 1913. There is a dedicated Beatrix Potter exhibition area in the Armitt, with her desk laid out just as she would have had it, as well as a lovely collection of her illustrated works.

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